Taylor’d Productions is a Film/Video Multi-Media & Design Production Company that specializes in the development and realization of projects for aspiring filmmakers, the music industry and commercial businesses alike. Our talented team is a creative group of writers and directors, camera operators and editors, graphic designers and social networkers, all with extensive resumes and credentials, who share a passion for working in the entertainment and corporate video world.

Producer and company proprietor Brenda Taylor began her film career while attending the University of North Texas, also gaining hands-on experience through a 2-year internship at Dallas Studio. With that experience, she was able to work on commercials for Coors Light, Dupont, Pepsi, GTE, Bonanza, Frito Lay and Dodge.

After getting the call to Los Angeles, Brenda spent 12 years gaining on-set experience in a variety of positions on various film and television productions. She worked as an assistant director on major motion pictures such as Star Trek: First Contact, Father’s Day, Six Days Seven Nights, The Other Sister, Blow, S1MONE, The Adventures of Joe Dirt and Calendar Girls, also spending time behind and in front of the camera on the set of the television show ER. Additionally, she gained knowledge working for award-winning director Ivan Reitman for over a year and as a creative executive for a small production company. After topping 13 years of work in the entertainment industry, Brenda decided to set up shop back home in Dallas and formed her own production company.

Since then, Taylor’d Productions has produced a multitude of HD music videos, commercials, short films, live events and multimedia presentations, garnering 6 Telly Awards, 6 Davey Awards and numerous other recognitions. The team is also versed in stylized photography, both for print and live events, and takes a unique approach to graphic design that is applicable for logos, websites, clothing, flyers, CD/DVD artwork and copious other purposes. They’ve even offered aid in the realm of Social Networking, helping build their clients’ clout through YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms.

In just a few years, Brenda and her team have propelled themselves and their clients center stage in the US entertainment industry. Whatever you’re looking to produce, no matter how big or how small, Taylor’d Productions is here to achieve your vision.

“If You Want It” :: (HD Music Video) 7/05 :: 2 days
Taylor’d Productions 1st AD

“BANDITS” (2nd Unit) 1/ 13, 14, 15 / 01
MGM Pictures Key Set PA
1st AD : Aaron Barsky 2nd AD :: Anne Berger

“FINDING HOME” 9/00 – 12/00
Clear Star Pictures 2nd 2nd AD
1st AD : Eric Stephens 2nd AD : Lisa Hubbard

“S1m0ne” 9/00
New Line Cinema Set PA
1st AD : Nicholas Mastandrea 2nd AD : Rosemary Cremona 2nd 2nd AD : Maria Mantia

“PACHINKO” (Commercial w/ Nicolas Cage) 8/ 14, 15, 16, 17 / 2000
OPM Productions 2nd AD
UPM : Monica van Ackeren 1st AD : Jim Okumura

“HANNAH HANDLEMAN” (Pilot) 7/00 :: 7 days
Me3 Productions 1st AD
Day 1 I was the 2nd AD then by Day 3 I was ask to be 1st AD

“JOE DIRT” 4/00 – 6/00
Boulevard Films Set PA
1st AD : Marty Schwartz 2nd AD : Susan Fiore 2nd 2nd AD : Anne Berger

“BLOW” 2/00 – 4/00
New Line Cinema Set PA
1st AD : Nicholas Mastandrea 2nd AD : Rosemary Cremona 2nd 2nd AD : Anne Berger

“SCREAM 3“ 8/99
Dimension Films Set PA
1st AD : Rosemary Cremona 2nd AD : Maria Mantia 2nd 2nd AD : Anne Berger

“RUSHMORE” (insert shots) 3/98
Touchstone Pictures Set PA
UPM/ 1st AD Paul Moen

“THE OTHER SISTER” 11/97 – 5/98
Walt Disney Pictures/ Garry Marshall Office PA
UPM : Paul Moen Coordinator : Ellen Wolf

Northern Lights Entertainment/ 11/96 – 11/97
Ivan Reitman Productions Office Assistant
Assist in daily film production and general office needs of producer / director Ivan Reitman, Producers Joe Meduck and Dan Goldberg, their assistants and editing, casting and development staffs.

“FATHERS’ DAY” 8/96 – 10/96
Warner Brothers/ Silver Pictures Set PA
1st AD : Albert Shapiro 2nd AD : Michael Neumann 2nd 2nd AD : Michael Risoli

Paramount Studios Set PA
1st AD : Jerry Fleck 2nd AD : Rosemary Cremona 2nd 2nd AD : David Ticotin

“SAFE HOUSE” 1/96 – 3/96
Filmquest Pictures/Showtime 2nd AD
UPM : Tony Mitchell 1st AD : Joel Nishimine

“FREQUENT FLYERS” 11/95 -12/95
Paragon Entertainment/ ABC MOW Set PA
1st AD : Terri Martin 2nd AD : Susan Prince 2nd 2nd AD : Jaleh Teymourian

“JUDGE AND JURY” 9/95 – 11/95
Escee Three Productions/ Nu Image Office PA
1st AD : Joel Nishimine 2nd AD : Mark Little

Commercial PA Positions
Dupont – Coors Light – Dodge Trucks – Pepsi – GTE – Frito Lay – Bonanza