QR Codes

QR Codes are having a huge effect on Marketing Campaigns. We have been having a great time working with clients coming up with creative campaigns using QR Codes. Placing a design element to QR Codes can help brand a company, band, product, etc..

** How Do I Scan a QR Code??
– On your smart phone you can download a FREE QR Code reader App
– Open the App
– You phones camera will activate
– Aim your camera at the code & watch the magic!!

* We recommend the iPhone appi-nigma” for scanning.
* For other smart phones, search app store for “QR Code Reader”


Working with Edge Adhesives on branding their products using QR Codes. We have placed the companies logo into the design along with using their “green logo” that we designed as way to further brand them.

Our company logo for our QR Code to our website

Working on marketing ideas for singer / songwriter Kerri Medders

GISetc asked us to come up with several designs for their QR Code for their business cards and promotional material.

For singer / songwriter Katie Carroll we designed a business card / drop card for her trip to SXSW w/ 2 separate QR Codes. One scans to a personal video from Katie and the second one scans to her new single, “Paper Girl”

ProMixEngineer.com was heading to SXSW so we did a quick QR Code, had it printed onto to t-shirt! Was a great success! Fun stuff!

Our good friends at Opening Bell Coffee was getting her promo cards made up so we got her a QR Code to her website to place on the card.